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EventReference is designed to make the process of creating a registration for your event as easy as possible. In fact you can have an event registration site up and running in under 60 seconds!

Not only that but we believe that EventReference is the most powerful event registration system on the market today and the system has already handled registration for millions of event attendees meaning you are using a hugely proven system with features that the biggest event organisers in the World demand to make their lives dramatically easier.

We even use the system ourselves every day to deliver our outstanding service to our clients. If we can use it to delivery consistently great service then shouldn't you be too?

Best of all, we believe in our product so much that if you try it and don't love it then we offer a no-quibble money back guarantee.


Multiple pages with whatever questions you want

EventReference allows you to build extremely comprehensive registration forms with ease. Simply create all of the questions you want to ask people registering for your event and place them in whatever order you want on the registration form.

There are multiple different question types available including text (both single and multi-line options), drop down lists, single choice lists (radio buttons), multiple choice lists (checkboxes) and date fields. You can control all of the options available for each of the questions and decide whether the questions are mandatory or not allowing you to fine tune things to your heart's content.

EventReference also has "Administration" questions which means you can have questions that are only seen in the admin system enabling you to keep extra details about delegates that they don't get to fill in during their registration.

Multiple pages with whatever questions you want
Multiple pages with whatever questions you want

Different questions for different attendee types

There are lots of instances where an organiser doesn't want to ask the same questions of everyone registering for the event so EventReference makes it incredibly simple to change which questions are asked to which attendee types.

Simply go into the question details and on the "Attendee Types" tab you will be able to select who sees each question for complete control of the registration forms.


Change the theme to suit your event

Everyone wants their registation site to look as professional as possible so we have a range of standard themes to help. Selecting a theme to match your event's website is very easy and only takes seconds. Once you publish your registration system then the theme will apply to all pages.

In addition, EventReference allows you to have a different look and feel for each different registration site if you want. This means that you can easily have a different look and feel for Exhibitors and Visitors if you wish.

Change the theme to suit your event
Customise the look of the registration site

Customise the look of the registration site

If your event has its own website then EventReference allows you to upload your own header image for the site in order to easily match the look and feel of your existing website.

Customise messages that are sent after registration

Customise messages that are sent after registration

Once someone has registered for your event you will want to be able to send them information about the event and their registration. EventReference gives you the power to manage all of the content and messages that are used throughout the system including on-screen messages and emails.

Our state of the art content management system will allow complete customization of the various elements of your pages and communication with people including invites, registration confirmations, eblasts and much more.

Of course you might want to personalise each communication that goes out to the attendees. EventReference allows you to use any field within the registation system inside the content of your content to ensure that everyone is made to feel especially looked after.


It's your event, your way. Know everything about your event and manage each step with EventReference

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